Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

The pins signify the three landmarks in Queenstown

Queenstown Bowling Alley was officially opened in 1976. Situated at the heart of the estate which contained an emporium, 2 cinemas and other recreation facilities, it upped Queenstown's 'cool' factors by many notches. The 18-lane bowling alley was also a favourite among the young and the trendy in the estate as many residents would try their luck for strikes and turkeys.Now it is abandoned. 

The Queenstown Community Library located at 53 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149297, was opened on 2 May 1970. It was the first full-time Branch Library, built by the National Library in its plan to decentralise home reading services. It pioneered several firsts amongst Branch Libraries, including becoming the first fully air-conditioned Branch in 1978, computerising its loan services in 1987, and lending video cassettes in 1997. It was refurbished in 2003. 

The new Queenstown Primary School was formed through a merger of Mei Chin, Tanglin and the old Queenstown Primary Schools in January 2002. The school underwent PRIME at the end of Nov 1999. The old school was demolished and rebuilt on site. A moving-in ceremony for the other 2 schools was held on 16 Nov 2001.

The merger ceremony was held on 16 November 2001. All the pupils from Mei Chin Primary and Tanglin Primary proceeded to the new school building in the morning. In the ceremony, the incumbent principals, Mr Adnan Abdullah of Queenstown Primary and Tanglin Primary, Mr Goh Song Yong of Mei Chin Primary, handed their school flags to the new principal of the new Queenstown Primary, Mdm Lim Ngern Boey. The children of the old Queenstown Primary sang a song to welcome the children from the other 2 schools. The ceremony ended with a concert and a tour of the school premises for the children from the other 2 schools.